Steal gold from other players around the world and design your own dungeon's defense in this colorful platformer.

Key Features:
Unique platformer game with PvP multiplayer.
Steal gold and precious gems from other players.
Design your own dungeon to protect your treasury.
Upgrade your traps and craft outfits for your character.
Use boosts to break the defense of other players' dungeons.
Compete with other players in leagues for epic rewards.
Get to the Golden League and become the wealthiest thief in the world!
Fun Game
A lot of fun! I mainly just play Clash of Clans, but this game has made a permanent home along side it.
Great Game
Very fun and addicting game, I love the unique mechanics and the overall feeling of the game.
Good Luck
Great RPG game ever!!!
Steal gems from other players.
Use the totem to merge gems into a more valuable gem.
While the ritual is running, defend your totem from other players.
When the ritual is finished, collect your new, more valuable gem.
Become the wealthiest thief in the world.